Throwback Thursday: @BackstreetBoys November 20, 2000

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14 years ago today on November 20, 2014, the Backstreet Boys were in the midst of their 100 hour world tour with stops in Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa, South America and finally North America. Check out the videos below and take a trip down memory lane. The videos are from MTV’s Diary of the […]

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8 reasons the Backstreet Boys are a better boy band than One Direction


The title of this post says it all. In response to THIS post on (yes, I know, the travesty), I give you eight reasons why the Backstreet Boys are, and will always, be a better boy band than one direction. 1. ALBUM SALES The Backstreet Boys have sold more than 130 million records worldwide, And […]

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Opinion: Comparing @backstreetboys To Newer “Boy Bands”


The other day I read an article  giving “8 Reasons One Direction is a Better Boy Band Than the Backstreet Boys”.  It was a pretty fun read and I enjoyed it…though not cool to “roll eyes” at A.J…ha! (You can check it out here: 8 Reasons One Direction is a Better Boy Band Than the Backstreet […]

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Jonathan Knight Amazing Race update: Have they gone off grid already? #JonHarleyTAR


While searching forums for information about what could possibly be going on with The Amazing Race with Jonathan and Harley, people seem to think that the contestants have already gone off grid. Despite what some people tend to think on Twitter, contestants are not allowed to use social media while they are doing this so […]

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