Now Matters More / One Day Now


As a fan of AJ McLean, it’s no surprise I am a lover of his mother, Denise McLean Solis. As I’ve been speaking with Denise I’ve become totally into her new passion- Now Matters More / One Day Now. Whose President is Trinity “Fitness” Phillips. And also there’s the wonderfully hilarious, Luis Delgado or “The Dope Doctor”. The […]

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Team Jevelyn.


A lot of people refer to Beyoncé as “Queen B”, however the real Queen is “Queen E”…. Also known as Jordan Knight’s gorgeous wife, Evelyn. In my opinion, Evelyn doesn’t get as much love and respect as she deserves. Why? It has to do with facing reality. Face it, she’s married to Jordan…. Not you. […]

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One Direction: You & I – The Fragrance


Need a gift? Or do you just want to smell like your favorite guy? You don’t have to wait any longer! Go to to get even more: Candles, Bodylotions, gift sets or shower gels – so what more could you even want?! PS: Christmas is approaching fast!!

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Nick Lachey to Release New Album.


My personal favorite 98 Degrees member is set to release his new album November 11th! Check out his article with People here! His 4th solo album is to be titled “Soundtrack of My Life”! The release will come 2 days after the now 40-year old singers birthday! What a great gift to give yourself! Congrats, Nick!  

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AJ McLean Returns to LupusLA.


It’s true! Tonight, AJ will be returning to LupusLA to play in their “Lucky 4 Lupus” event! AJ hasn’t been in awhile and we’re all excited to see how he does tonight! I’ve heard (you know, the grapevine) that tickets are still available! So, if you’re in the LA area and want to go out […]

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FUN: Some @NickCarter Smiles by @GivingPlanks! #CartersCartel


I know some folks have been a bit upset when Nick tweeted about his “CarterCartel” thing…but I decided to run with it and have some fun! I don’t think Twitter should always be serious…sometimes it is an escape…and escape I did! So enjoy some smiles at Nick’s expense…   Don’t Be Evil…watch I Heart Nick […]

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Signs and Symptoms of “PCD” – Post Concert Depression


I have a confession to make. I am currently suffering from a severe case of PCD. And if you’re honest, you probably are, too. Or will be sometime soon. It’s no use hiding it, it’ll be evident once it’s set in and your case is full-blown. I’m convinced that one day PCD will kill us […]

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