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2014 Backstreet Boys Cruise Themes

The cruise is still 218 days away, but let’s face it – a lot of us are already thinking about themes. The themes are one of the most fun parts of the cruises.


Nick reading the note on the Journey vinyl I gave him on 80s night.

I remember for the 2011 cruise, I was so excited for the themes, especially since 80’s night / Sphynkter was my first choice for a cruise. I was also excited about Prom Night and the PJ night. So… instead of going out and speaking tons of money, I made my own outfits and got plenty of comments. I ran into the boys in the hallway heading to the game show on 80s night and AJ loved my Skynkter shirt I made that said “I fucked a member of Sphynkter and all I got was this t-shirt”. Lauren, who sat behind me at the concert (I was late dining) on Prom Night, loved my pluffy pink skirt and belt and top.

So for this year, I have a few ideas for some themes that I’ve already talked about in some of the cruise groups. Here they are:

MAKE BELIEVE NIGHT: Obviously most people will think of fairytales, which it could work with. I tend to think of fan fiction, but they are both fairytales so whatever. We could dress up as our favorite fictional characters, whether from movies or books or, yes, even fan fiction.

BACKSTREET ARMY NIGHT: Nick called us an army… we should all dress up in camo one night. I don’t think we’re gonna be allowed to bring fake toy guns on board though. Last time they took away my toy handcuffs (don’t ask!)

SPYNKTER NIGHT PART 2: ┬áKevin has said in the past that “Just Want You To Know” is his favorite music video that the group had done, so why not do another 80s night so that he can relive it? He didn’t get to be a part of it in 2011 and let’s face it, that was one of the best nights of the cruise.

FANGIRL/FANBOY NIGHT: We can dress up in our BSB gear, which as adults, is a little hard for us to do and get taken seriously. Maybe Brian can even show up in his BSB boxers?

FEELS LIKE HOME NIGHT: New Kids on the Block had GPS night, which this would be like…. wear jerseys or things that represent where we are from. For instance, I would probably wear a University of Georgia t-shirt or Braves jersey.

PINK NIGHT: The cruise is in October… Breast Cancer Awareness night. Maybe everybody can dress in pink and there can be some type of fundraiser?

MAGIC MIKE NIGHT: I just think that one would be funny. Of course, I guess the Bachelorette night last year was sort of like that. I just want to be there with inflatable penises. Don’t judge me.

COWBOYS AND INDIANS: I think this was an idea for last year… Nick had mentioned the idea back in 2000 on TRL for “The One” music video. I voted for it against “Don’t Want You Back” because, well, I wanted to see Nick in a cowboy hat and chaps. Maybe if this wins AJ can show up in some assless chaps?

I’ve made a poll below for people to vote and to also include their own choices for themes. It’s just an idea. It’s nothing concrete because let’s face it, we are fans just like everybody else. ┬áBut maybe we can come up with some good ideas and the group and management can see what we want?

If you add your own idea, please just put the name and a simple explanation (like I did with Make Believe night) and not a long sentence. If I see any long sentences, they will be deleted.

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Note: Due to someone voting over 100 times for one thing (we can see IP addresses), we’ve fixed it so you can vote for up to three themes and you can vote twice.
Also, I exported this page and the votes from my other website since I’m taking that one down. It will say a lesser amount of voters, but the votes are still the same.

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7 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    I love the fan night!! I just came across all my stuff – shirts, jewlery, tattoos, stickers, etc. It’d be soooo much fun to be able to rock all that again!!!!

  2. Christina says:

    I must say I love the idea of “Pink Night” & that was an idea that I had of list of Theme Night Ideas! What about also like “Toga Party” & “Army Camo Party”? The Army Camo Party can be a night to celebrate our Backstreet Army & the Toga Party we can have all the girls dressed up as Greek Goddesses & the boys dressed up as Greek Gods!

    • Karah Karah says:

      Ah! Yeah the Camo idea is basically the Backstreet Army idea theme above :)

      The Toga night would be cool! Plus knowing what came about when NKOTB did that idea and the fact that one boy doesn’t like underwear… LMFAO!

  3. Christina says:

    Oooooops sorry about mentioning the Army Night as I didn’t see that on your list already I do apologize. I attended my very 1st BSB Cruise for their 20th Anniversary & I always wondered if us fans can submit ideas for theme nights, games & more for the cruise & where do we send it off to? Have you thought about ideas for game show night?

    • Karah Karah says:

      LOL It’s okay!

      No idea… but I figured we could maybe spread the word about this and something could come from it.

      Game shows? No idea… Family Fued maybe? I think that might have been on the first cruise.

      I know I would love for karaoke to come back! I only went on the 2011 cruise. I couldn’t book the last cruise because I had just moved for a new job, but I’m going this time :)

      • Christina says:

        Oh yeah most definetly we should spread the word about game show ideas! I love your idea of “Family Feud”. I came up with “Who Want To Be A Million”, “Double Dare”, “Jeopardy”, “Wheel Of Fortune”, “Hollywood Squares” which Brian & Leighanne were on & “The Price Is Right”. I 2 am a fan of NKOTB as well, love them. I kept asking & wondering now that Kevin is back with our boys that if there will be another “NKOTBSB Tour”?

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