The Amazing Word of Gay Sex

Before I met my gay friend, I did not really know a lot about gay sex. I did not expect it to be so full of terminology and expression as it is, but it seems that gay sex has been turned into a bit of an art form by some gay men. Before I began my career with London escorts, I cannot say that I had thought about gay sex an awful, but to be honest, I find it kind of interesting. Do gay guys put a lot of more effort into their sex lives than straight people do? I am beginning to think that gays even enjoy their sex lives more than us straight folk. Most of the girls at London escorts feel the same way.

So, what does it mean if you are a topper? A topper in a gay relationship is the guy who enjoys penetration. Perhaps this is where you get the masculine and feminine side of the relationship. I had never really thought about comparing gay relationships to a regular male and female relationship before, but I do agree when my London escorts girlfriends say that they are not so different. It can be confusing though, and sometimes I think that the roles in gay relationships are less flexible. Having dated a few bisexual girls at London escorts recently, I am beginning to learn more and more about the wonderful world of human sexuality.

A bottom gay person, is the guy who enjoys being penetrated. Apparently not all gents like to be penetrated, and taking turns is rather uncommon. I had expected the roles in gay sexuality to be much more versatile, but versatility is rather uncommon. Is gay sex boring? It did not sound to me like gay sex was a bit boring, and it took a couple of London escorts to explain to me some of the other things which go on during male sex. It is kind of interesting, and as duo dating is getting more popular, I think that all London escorts should expand their horizons.

You do get gay men who are versatile, and like a little bit of both. Before I started to work for London escorts, I worked with this guy on a strip club reception who was gay. He let me into some of the things that went on his relationship with his partner. It did not take me very long to become aware that gay guys may be emotionally loyal to their partners, but being unfaithful is not than unusual. Just like some of the gents I meet at London escorts, many gay guys are led into temptation by other guy gays, and some seem to be more easily led.

Finally, should we be more accepting of gays? I think it is about time we accepted a range of sexualities now. We are not so hung up about race and color anymore, so I think it is about time we accepted alternative sexual lifestyles. Most of the guys I date at London escorts do not want to talk about gays or gay sex. They seem to be put off by it. It makes me wonder why, but I guess it may be a male issue. Unlike girls, they find it harder to accept that gay sexuality exists, and is just as important in a gay relationship as in a heterosexual relationship.…

Anal Sex Tips For Women

It is always interesting to try new things although it comes with a bit of uncertainty about the results and experience. Anal sex is one experience most women fear! Even though you fear it, it is a source of joy to many married women and escorts around the world and you won’t understand about it if you don’t try it out. However, you need to understand some details about anal sex and why it’s a source of orgasm to most women.

There are numerous nerve endings found in and around your anal opening. Most of these nerve endings are found concentrated around the opening making it very sensitive to touch and penetration during anal sex. According to a research, some people can achieve orgasm by anal penetration. This is due to contraction and relaxation of sphincter and pelvic muscles because of psychological excitement. The following tips will help you enjoy anal sex in future should you try it:

Learn yourself first

You should understand that, if it’s your first time to have anal sex, your anal canal is very tight and you need to prepare yourself first. It can be painful to accommodate an erectile penis especially if done roughly or wrongly. Therefore, you can start practicing slowly with your finger or that of your partner. Alternatively, you can start off with a thin sex toy to build your experience.

Clean yourself

It is recommended you clean yourself well before anal sex to make your partner feel more comfortable. This will help him focus on giving you pleasure rather than the odors you may be having. You should also wash any implement you’re using e.g. sex toys and penis to avoid infections.

Prepare your space

Before you start off, you should have everything you need with you; lube, a towel, a sex toy if you need one. After you are set, you are ready to begin your journey.

Use a lube

Since your anus is not self-lubricating like your vagina, you are supposed to use a lube to avoid getting hurt during sex. It is also advisable to use a lube when practicing with your fingers or sex toys to soften and facilitate penetration. Lubes to use during anal sex are readily available, and you can even order online with delivery to your doorstep. Even if you are using a condom, you should use a lube. However, you should use a water based lube rather than an oil based lube.

Position yourself comfortably

When having anal sex, you need to be relaxed to avoid tensing up your muscles which may cause pain. Your partner should be gentle and slow at first to avoid hurting your anal opening. Then, the position you use should give you control over your body to control the movement slowly. Lying on your side or being spooned or even doggy style. Even though doggy style gives the best penetration, it is hard to see facial expressions and determine what to do. However, though communication and understanding each other, you can easily have fun through anal sex. And always have the lube nearby in case you need more.

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